Jeanette Counselling

counselling and psychotherapy in the Loughborough area



My core psychotherapy training is in Person-Centred and I feel this approach defines me as it fits best with my experiences and outlook on life. However, I also integrate CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy), Gestalt and Mindfulness interventions when appropriate. I believe ‘relationship’ lies at the heart of change and growth which takes place in counselling and I endeavour to provide a safe, supportive and non-judgmental environment to facilitate authenticity and open exploration.

I find that my supervisory style mirrors my therapeutic approach and I strive to make the supervisory relationship collaborative at its core. In supervision I want supervisees to feel comfortable to participate in self-exploration, to bring the challenges and successes in their client work, as well as exploring the dynamics of the supervisory relationship.

I don’t have a one shoe fits all policy, as we are all individuals, so I will vary my style depending on the needs and expectations of the supervisee. My aim is to strengthen self-awareness and inspire the supervisee to remain motivated and engaged in the process.

I invite you to come for a free and informal chat about your supervision requirements. Please visit Practical Information for details on fees.